On-line forums managed by Laughton Management Corporation will be listed on this page. When the hyper-link is active, the forum is ready for use.

  • Laughton Training and Sales: This forum is for the staff and members of LTS only. To participate in this forum you must use your real name and e-mail address for registration. Please provide that information to Tessa and e-mail a copy to for insertion into the database.
  • Laughton’s Worldwide: This forum is currently in development. It will host information on the ancestry of the Laughton Clan in North America, Europe and places as far away as Australia. Invitations have been sent to the other Laughton Clan members to encourage their participation. Each family (clan) will be given the opportunity to moderate the topics in their sub-forums.
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group: This forum is not located on the LAUGHTON web site per se but it is an integral part of the operations of the company. LMC manages the operation of the CEFSG sites with the Registrar, the software programing and all financial transactions.

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