Unknown Project

On this page you will find links to a number of reports that were authored primarily by Richard Laughton of the LMC Great War Research Company. Acknowledgement is made of both the input during the research phases of the reports and the final review of the reports prior to release to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission by colleagues at the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group, the Great War Forum, the In From the Cold project, the South Africa War Graves Project and the Australian Fallen Diggers. In 2018 we we gladly welcomed new input by private researchers from Australia and New Zealand. In late 2019, assistance with a number of aviation cases, from members of the Aerodrome Forum, was greatly appreciated.

The last page of each report lists the research participants and report reviewers, along with their contact information, when they have agreed to make that public. In many cases, fellow researchers from other groups add to the projects via the forums but do not request that their name be added to the report.

The lists of reports, with hyperlinks to a PDF version of the report, can be found here:

  1. Canadian Unknown Reports: This list is on the site of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (http://cefresearch.ca/unknown-reports/) and pertains only to UNKNOWNS of the armed forces that were strictly Canadian. These are primarily men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, plus some who served in the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Naval Air Services (later amalgamated to the Royal Air Force). Also to be included are men from the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force and the Canadian North Russia Siberian Expeditionary Force.
  2. Commonwealth Unknown Reports: This list resides on this web site as the men are not part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. They involve ground or air force personnel from the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Others may be added at a later date. Many of these reports relate to air force personnel and may have combined nationalities within a single aircraft.

The reports listed here are a compilation of the evidence that links the name of an unknown Soldier or Airman of the Great War (WWI 1914-1921) that appears on a Memorial for the Unknown, to a known burial site in one of the hundreds of CWGC Cemeteries located around the world. The primary memorials where the names are listed are as follows:

For Canadians with No Known Grave:

For Other Commonwealth Persons with No Known Grave: (listing in progress)