There are a large number of ROI’s (Records of Invention) that have been filed by the Laughton team, ranging in scope from environmental processes to automated processing. Only one ROI went through the complete process of “patenting”, largely due to the affiliation at the time with the Ontario Research Foundation. The research project and the subsequent patent filing process was supported entirely by CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Records of Invention

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Patents Filed and Issued

  • United States Patent Office #4,160,724
    This patent forms part of the CMHS CANWEL (Canadian Water Energy Loop) process for the management of liquid and solid wastes from closed systems such as a military base, apartment building or subdivision. The process was developed to provide enhanced treatment of sewage so that the treated effluent could be discharged to a storm sewer, dry ditch or directly to a water body. The process would be used where there were no municipal sewage treatment facilities and where the level of treatment exceeded that provided by a conventional process. The key component of the process is the simultaneous treatment of carbonaceous material under aerobic conditions and nitrification under anoxic conditions. A PDF version of this patent has been archived on this web site here: R. Laughton Patent #4,160,724