The following technical papers were authored or co-authored by the principals of CENSOL Inc., either in their current capacity with CENSOL (previously known as POLLUTECH International Limited) or in previous positions. These publications have been off-line for a number of years and are now being restored for historical and archival purposes. The number refers to the initial listings on the company web sites and the residual Adobe PDF file names.

1. Case Studies for Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment Related to the Placement of Textile Facilities.
6. Managing the Corporate Environment – An Overview.
8. Canadian Environmental Programs in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry: Programs, Policies and Priorities.
9. Commercializing Environmental Technologies in the International Environmental Market.
10. The “Stickman” Wastewater Treatment Facility – Applying Basic Fundamentals to the Design and Operation of Plants.
11. Reaction Between Chlorine and a Dimethylamine Containing Polyelectrolyte Leading to the Formation of N-Nitroso Dimethylamine.
12. Innovative Technologies for Wastewater Treatment in Ontario Canada.
13. Alternative Treatment Technologies for the Control of Corrosion, Colour, Iron and Manganese in Newfoundland Communities Drinking Water Supplies.
14. Optimizing a 60 MIGD Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.
15. Dana Canada Inc. Ultrafiltration System for Oily Water Recovery.
16. Drinking Water Treatment – What’s Working, What’s on the Horizon?
19. Risk Assessment and Remediation Technologies for Brownfield Sites.
20. Building Effective Consortia – Options, Obstacles and Obligations.
21. Iron and Manganese Removal in Prospect Park, Halton Hills.
23. Taking the Plunge – Your Chance at International Business Opportunities.
24. E-commerce Applications for the Pollutech Group of Companies.

Copies of these documents will also be added to the Internet Archive in the near future ( All documents associated with “Laughton” can be found on that site by searching for “rlaughton”.