Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy, ("JACK")
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Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
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This page that will record what is new to the World War One web site that chronicles Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy, so when you check back you can find out what has changed since your last visit.

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As of February 24, 2011 you can also follow Josiah Alexander Chancillor Kennedy on Twitter at:

What follows is our tracking of the major changes made to the web site:

February 2013: The Laughton web sites started their move to the new web site from the old web site as early as November 2012. Initially it was planned to move the military sites from the Microsoft FrontPage format to the new WordPress format, however that has now been abandoned (at least for now). As such, we have put the Great War web sites in individual directories on the site so there is no conflict between the two different styles. As part of the move, the web site links in the existing site were checked and corrected where possible. Some links may still be broken because the original site no longer exists or has not yet been confirmed. During the move, minor corrections to the web site pages were also implemented.

February 2011: A number of minor adjustments were made to many of the pages on the web site, based on dribbles of information that had arrived during 2010. A major addition was made to the web site with the addition of a new page called Pension Record. This additional information was the result of the submission of a Access to Information Request Form to Veteran's Affairs Canada in early 2011. Similar records retrieved by other CEFSG members (Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group) had shown that these records might contain additional information pertaining to service in the Great War. As the new page shows, the request resulted in receipt of all of the details pertaining to Grandfather Kennedy's attempts to obtain a Service Pension for tuberculosis he claimed was the result of gas exposure at Ypres in 1915 and hardship as a POW in 1918. The claim was declined at both the First and Second Hearings in 1938 and 1939. Grandfather Kennedy also joined the Twitter Community on February 22, 2011 at

January 2010: I have added the records that were received from the International Committee of the Red Cross that pertain to Grandfather Kennedy's internment records in the German Prisoner of War Camps. These can be found on the POW page of this web site.

July 2008: All the new information, photographs and records related to brothers William and James Kennedy, both of whom were killed in action in the Great War, has been added to the Genealogy Page. The availability of this information also required correction of the information held at the U.K. National Archives and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Reports were sent to each of those agencies and I am pleased to report that the records have now been updated and are correct as now shown. The inclusion of this additional information, allowing for the corrections, would not have been possible without the assistance of Kennedy family and other Great War Researchers in the UK and Canada. Those contributions are recognized on the revised genealogy page of this web site.

March 2008: It has been some time since we added new information to this site, but here it was St. Patrick's Day 2008 and just prior to that date I get an e-mail from my 2nd Cousin Richard Kennedy in Belfast.  He has been researching Great Grandfather Prof. Rev. S. G. Kennedy and came across this web site.  One thing led to another and work was started to look for the missing brother "James Kennedy".  A strategically placed post to the Great War Forum resulted in a few answers that not only are leading to the identification of James, but turned up photos of William and Josiah.  As such we have changed the Main Page and greatly updated the Genealogy Page, where we have also added the Family Tree.  More work to follow in the next few days.

October 4, 2006:  To commemorate my Mother's birthday this Friday (Josiah Kennedy's only daughter: Maureen Montgomery Kennedy, October 6, 1921) I have updated the information as it relates to her Father and my Grandfather's service record on the "Great Canadian War Project" site and made the corrections on this site.  This includes correction of some dates and the addition of his service with the 16th Infantry Battalion (Canadian Scottish), which it appears may have been just a "passing through" phase of his career.  Every visit to the site reveals changes and corrections, so please bear with me on this project.  Also, please do not hesitate to submit questions, comments or corrections on any aspect of this site.

August 27, 2006:  The web site was reviewed to update and correct the information that had previously been posted.  In addition, the layout of the site was modified to make it easier to use and to accommodate a wider variety of computer screens.

April 5, 2006:  The pages for the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry and the Royal Irish Rifles have been updated.  We also broke out some of the original information on these pages and this introduction, to prepare a "Service Record Summary" which you will find in the main menu buttons as well.  We will be back when new information becomes available or time permits the start of the transcription of grandfather's prisoner of war diary.

April 4, 2006:  We have just received the report that we commissioned from Chris Baker, a war historian in the UK.  With this in hand, and the considerable knowledge that has been gained working on the "Canadian Expeditionary Force Matrix Project", (see also new Wiki format February 2013 CEF WIKI) we have adjusted the reports on this site.  You must note that the dates that are in the text of the report from Chris Baker not agree with the reports that are in other records, including those that were received with the report.  We have, however, include a PDF version of the Baker Report for all to review.  Also provided at the attachments that Chris provided from the UK National Archives (see Baker Archives).  I have added many notes to the archive files with the new Adobe Acrobat 7 to allow the reader to follow the flow of the documents.  If you are not clear on the structure of the CEF during this period of Grandfather Kennedy's service, please visit the Matrix Project Navigation for complete details.

August 21, 2005:  We have added the references to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry as reported in Nicholson's text "Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War".  As there are a number of scanned pages and this is a "work in progress", we have placed these on a separate page (see links on the left) called Nicholson.  Links on that page will take you to the actual documents.

August 13, 2005:  Grandfather Kennedy's military record has been summarized and added to the Canadian Great War Project database and web site.  You can retrieve the summary military record at:  J. A. C. Kennedy and I would also point out that corrections are not only welcome but anticipated.

August 2, 2005:  We have downloaded and converted the war diary for the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry for 1914-1916 from the Library and Archives Canada web site.  We have reduced the file from 35 meg to less than 5 meg and enhanced to images so that they can be viewed in PDF format.  For details see our LAC page.

July 2, 2005:  Thanks to Ian Bowbrick the "Lost Generation 1418" forum (now closed), we have additional information of J A C Kennedy with the Royal Irish Rifles, which has now been updated at the R.I.R on this site.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Ian for taking the time to retrieve this information while at the PRO (U. K. National Archives - see also this site).

June 30, 2005:  Forum members have found additional references to Grandfather Kennedy in the London Gazette by searching alternate initials and cross referencing information on the Medal Index Card against related issues of the LG.  These have now been posted to the London Gazette page on this web site.

June 13, 2005:  We have retrieved three records of J. A. C. Kennedy from the London Gazette, all of which related to his temporary promotions to Acting Lieutenant and Acting Captain in the Royal Irish Rifles.  We have created a new page on the website for these documents at London Gazette and posted the records as PDF files.

June 8, 2005: The files have been received from Library and Archives Canada, scanned and posted to the web site.  They tell an interesting story of Grandfather Kennedy as a Private in the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (P.P.C.L.I.), as he amassed a fortune at $1.00 per day and dealt with some serious "men's health problems".  These records only take us to the time of his recovery from surgery in England and his transfer to the Imperial Army.

May 22, 2005:  We have now inserted the information from Michael Thierens as it relates to grandfather Kennedy's records from the U.K. National Archives.  In addition, we have added the background information on the family ties between the Stephenson and Kennedy families, as it relates to the in-laws service in World War I.  The exploits of the infamous "Uncle Tom" (a centurion) are of interest, details of which we still must extract from the London Gazette.  For further information on this, see the Genealogy page of this web site (Genealogy Page).

May 16, 2005:  Coincidental with the 90 year anniversary of the wounding of Pte. J. Kennedy, we were researching his records with the PPCLI and the R.I.R, finding new links, and recovering documents.  We were able to find his medal card at the U.K. National Archives (see this new page).  Thanks to Grandson Michael (see his notes in the PPCLI page), we were advanced considerably in our research!

May 13, 2005:  More information posted on the CEF Forum leads us to the war diaries of the Princess Pat's on the Library and Archives Canada web site.  We have now added this information to our PPCLI web page.

May 7, 2005:  Some early reports back from the CEF Forum note some conflicts on the dates in the family records, these are noted on the home page. Very preliminary work is started on looking for information as it relates to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and the Royal Irish Rifles, thus these pages are added to the web site (see links on left side).  Our request is sent in to "Library and Archives Canada" for the rest of J. C. Kennedy's file, also as noted in the links.

May 5, 2005:  Coinciding with the VE (Victory in Europe) celebrations, commemorating the end of the Second World War in Europe, I started my second World War One commemorative web site project on Grandfather "Jack" (Josiah Alexander Chancellor) Kennedy (mother's side).  My first project details the history of my father's side, with the exploits of Grandfather George Van Wyck Laughton, as contained on the Great War Website.



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