Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy, ("JACK")
Regimental Number: 51288

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
& Royal Irish Rifles 

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The London Gazette contains the official records of Officers serving in the United Kingdom forces during World War One.  It can be a difficult data base to search, as you must hit the exact name published, or you can spend hours sorting through all the records.  For example, neither Josiah nor Josias Kennedy returned any results, however Kennedy returned over 1500 results and Josiah returned 266 hits.  Fortunately our attempt with "J. A. C. Kennedy" came back with a manageable 3 results, all of which are correct.  J. A. Kennedy came back with 6 results, none of which are Josiah.

The 3 records found are recorded here are listed on this Gazette page (however there is unfortunately no details on his battalion within the Royal Irish Rifles):

London Gazette, J. A. C. Kennedy 

What we found here are the records that show activity in the Royal Irish Rifles from 1917 to 1919, however no mention as to his status of Prisoner of War during 1918:

Gazette Edition Issue 30401: November 23, 1917
Royal Irish Rifles: Temporary 2nd Lt. J. A. C. Kennedy to be acting Captain while commanding a company.  August 4, 1917.

Gazette Edition, Issue 30479: January 16, 1918
Royal Irish Rifles: Temporary 2nd Lt. J. A. C. Kennedy relinquishes the acting rank of Captain on ceasing to command a company.  October 7, 1917.

Gazette Edition 31220: March 7, 1919
Royal Irish Rifles: Temporary 2nd Lt. J. A C. Kennedy to be a temporary Lieutenant. April 25, 1918.

In addition to these records, two additional earlier records were uncovered by Chris Wright and confirmed by Ian Bowbrick  in response to a posting on the Lost Generation 1418 forum.  Chris reported that he found the 29840 mention using the date on the Medal Index Card, which I had previously retrieved from the UK National Archives, and then checking the November 1916 issues.  The February 1917 mention was discovered by searching only for A. C. Kennedy (dropping the J.):

Gazette Edition Issue 29840: November 28, 1916
Royal Irish Rifles: The undermentioned cadets to be temporary Second Lieutenants (on probation) (attd.).  October 25, 1916.

Gazette Edition Issue 29932: February 6, 1917
Regular Forces. The undermentioned temporary Second Lieutenants (attd.) (unless otherwise stated) are transferred to Service Battalions, with seniority shown against their names.  Infantry. Royal Irish Rifles: J. A. C. Kennedy. 25th October 1916.

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