Nicholson Maps

The Great War: Vimy Ridge
George Van Wyck Laughton, M.C.

Canadian - Serving in the British 3rd Army, 34th Division,  
26th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish)


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This page last updated on January 31, 2013




The latest versions of all the Nicholson Maps (January 2013) are now on the CEFSG Wiki site at this location:

I would suggest that you refer to that page instead of the text that follows.

There have been a number of requests for enhanced scans of the Nicholson Maps, so one-by-one I have been replacing the older scans with new updated scans that are enhanced in quality, but also they are much larger files.  As such, I have now removed the thumbnails on this index page so all the maps do not have to load every time someone accesses this page.

As of Canada Day July 1, 2006 all of the maps have been upgraded to the new quality, so you will find a dramatic improvement in the images.  Amazing the changes in scanner technology in just a few years.

I have also split apart Map 4 "Battle of Mount Sorrel" into the three (3) component maps for June 2nd, June 3rd and June 13th.

For those that want a complete collection of the maps, I have also made a PDF document that includes all the maps on this list, including the front and back inside covers (as they are valuable "where are we" maps).

Do you want a larger image?

If the map opens within your internet browser (i.e. Explorer) then it may appear to be only the size of the screen on your computer. If you move your mouse over the larger image you will see that there is a a logo "expand to regular size" that appears in the lower right corner of the image. If you "click" that you will get the full size image.

Your other option is to "left click" on any image or link and save the image to your computer. Then open it in any program for images such as Microsoft Paint or a photo program. Those are the full size book images when you make that change.  I find it best to save the images to Microsoft Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and then print the images from the file list as they come out on a single sheet of paper that is the default for your printer.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Title of Map (see also Nicholson Index)
Complete Collection - Adobe PDF file containing all maps in this list
Map IFC - Inside Front Cover, CEF France and Belgium 1915-1917
Map IBC - Inside Back Cover, CEF France and Belgium 1918
Map 1 - Ypres Gas Attack, April 1915
Map 2 - Festubert, May 1915
Map 3 - St. Eloi Craters, April 1916
Map 4a -  Battle of Mount Sorrel, June 2 1916
Map 4b -  Battle of Mount Sorrel, June 3 1916
Map 4c -  Battle of Mount Sorrel, June 13 1916
Map 5 - Battles of the Somme
Map 6 - Courcelette, September 1916
Map 7 - Vimy Ridge, April 1917
Map 8 -  Hill 70 and Lens, August 1917
Map 9 - Passchendaele, November 1917
Map 10 - Germans Offensives, July 1918
Map 11 - Battle of Amiens, August 1918
Map 12 - Battle of Arras, August 1918
Map 13 - Canal de Nord, September 1918
Map 14 - Valenciennes, November 1918
Map 15 - Final Advance, November 1918

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