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The Great War: Vimy Ridge
George Van Wyck Laughton, M.C.

Canadian - Serving in the British 3rd Army, 34th Division,  
26th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish)


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This page last updated on February 01, 2013

Canada Archives
UK Archives
Toronto C.O.T.C.
Roll of Service



There are a number of sources of archived material as it relates to soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) and/or the British Expeditionary Force (BEF).  As Grandfather Laughton initially listed in the CEF and transferred to the BEF, it is important to review all of the archive sources.  For those researchers with relatives in a similar situation of being in both the CEF and the BEF I also encourage to read about the CEF-BEF Interactions.

The primary sources that I have used to obtain archived information are as follows:

Personal Certificates of George Van Wyck Laughton
(Personal files handed down through the generations)

Library and Archives Canada
(The Government of Canada Archives in Ottawa, Ontario)

United Kingdom National Archives 
(formerly the Public Records Office at Kew)

The London Gazette
(records of all transfers, promotions and decorations for Commonwealth Forces)

University of Toronto, Roll of Service
(records of the staff and soldiers who served in the Great War)

Military Service Record of George Van Wyck Laughton, M.C.
(a privately commissioned review of war records at the UK National Archives)

University of Toronto, Canadian Overseas Training Company
(records of UofT group that enlisted in the 32nd Battalion with Grandfather Laughton) 

As more information on archived services becomes available, we will update this information.  Please also see the numerous Reference Links for additional research and join us at the CEF Study Group.


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