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The Great War: Vimy Ridge
George Van Wyck Laughton, M.C.

Canadian - Serving in the British 3rd Army, 34th Division,  
26th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish)


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This page last updated on February 01, 2013




Information initially obtained from Library and Archives Canada for this project has now been substantially improved. The archive resources at LAC have also changed over the years. Links were updated in February 2013 to reflect these changes. Other wording on this page may not be current (i.e. costs to obtain records). Most LAC records are now released in a digital format. For more information on researching a CEF Soldier, please refer to the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (CEFSG) web site.

At the start of this project, information was requested from the Library and Archives Canada by first looking at Soldiers of the First World War - CEF to make sure the soldier was in the archives and then by sending in a written request for the information to be extracted and photocopied.  In this instance there were 20 pages of records copied for which they charged my VISA card CAN $5.40 (quite reasonable).  You should also browse the main Library and Archives Canada Site for other information on the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War One.

We are pleased to report that Library and Archives Canada has added this site to their list of external research links for World War One History.  This group of archive links can be found on their site under the heading of 940.3 World War I, 1914-1918 or by directly following this link:


The information that was obtained from the National Archives is presented in two tables for convenience purposes only, as two different sizes of paper were used.  In the two files, which are provided here as PDF documents (click here for the free reader) which contain the following: (click on archive title to download files)

CLICK LINK: 12 pages
Archives 1 (legal sheets)

  1. 1996 Memorandum as too correct name of soldier
  2. Attestation Papers, July 7th 1916
  3. Medical History when joining, July 7th 1916
  4. Medical History at Departure from CEF, January 29th 1917

  5. (probably to join 26th Northumberland Fusiliers)
  6. Admission to hospital with influenza, December 5th 1916
  7. Pay Book Records while with CEF to March 1917


CLICK LINK: 8 pages
Archives 2 (regular sheets)
  1. War Service Gratuity Records, circa 1920

  2. (apparently back now as a Private with the Canadian Forces after discharge from the Imperial Army)
  3. Pay Record of July 31, 1918

  4. (notes that "this man was appointed to Commission in Imperial Army and later resigned owing to illness).
  5. Canadian Expeditionary Force Discharge Certificate, February 3rd 1920

  6. (shows enlisted in CEF on July 7th 1916 and discharge December 18th 1916 to serve Imperial Army)
  7. Casualty Form - Active Service, 32nd Battalion

  8. (shows discharged in England from the 15th Reserve Battalion to serve in the Imperial Army)
  9. CEF Pay Records

  10. (shows movement between Battalions in the CEF from July 8th 1916 to early 1918)
  11. Record Card, 142nd Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, circa 1915 / 1916

We are also pleased to report that the "Archive Process" has been expanded on a commercial scale with the work completed by Archive CD Books Canada Inc. in February 2006.  As shown in the attached CD covers, we loaned Malcolm Moody a copy of Grandfather Laughton's reference book to make a digital copy so that it would be available to other researchers to use.  If you wish to purchase a copy of this CD, please contact them at the web site link shown.


For details on the content of the George Van Wyck Laughton, follow the hyperlink to "University of Toronto, Roll of Service" contained on this web site.


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