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Privacy Act Implementation

January 1, 2004 -- 

On January 1, 2004 the final phase of the privacy act came into force across Canada.  For those not familiar with the details of the Act you can find these on the Canadian Parliamentary web site located at:
        Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

In order to respond to the significant issues that come into play with the final phases of the privacy legislation, CENSOL has implemented a number of changes to existing programs for record storage and the transmission of confidential information.  We encourage our clients and associates to raise any other issues that they feel are of concern, as it relates to the enactment of the legislation, so that we may deal with those forthwith.
We believe that the responsible Officers and Directors of CENSOL Inc. have a corporate and personal obligation to see to the implementation of this act with the LMC CENSOL companies (Laughton Management Corporation & CENSOL Inc.).  In particular, Section 4.5.3 of Schedule 1 of the Act requires the development and application of guidelines for the proper destruction of personal information that is on file with the companies.  CENSOL has undertaken to implement these requirements immediately by way of the following:

We have shredded all information that we previously maintained on any individuals that was held in our PWGSC CIISD security files.  We have notified Ottawa that these files have been destroyed and that we have filed the required Form 330-47 for the cancellation of the related security clearance.

We have purged our computers and other electronic storage media of any personal information, such as would be contained in copies of the security applications, resumes or curriculum vitae for all employees, contractors and associates.  We have notified each person that if they wish us to have the most up-to-date curriculum vitae on file, then they may send us that information along with a covering e-mail or letter that indicates that the information was submitted voluntarily, after January 1, 2004, and that it is subject to any specifically listed restrictions.

Please note that at all times prior to the destruction of this information, we had an approved program in place that complied with Section 4.7 of Schedule 1 of the Act and that at no time was there any breach of the security safeguards.  As per Sections 4.7.4 and 4.7.5, we have submitted this notification and advised you of the destruction of the documents.

To ensure that our e-mail communications are in full compliance with the expectations of the privacy legislation, we have implemented DIGITAL ID as part of our corporate programs.  This process will be used on select e-mail communications, primarily where a raised level of security is required for confidential or solicitor-client correspondence.  If you are not familiar with this, please refer to the following link:

    Verisign Digital ID

If you do not have our DIGITAL ID information for our e-mail addresses, please follow the instructions on the first message that you receive (i.e. select "continue") and save our new digitally signed address to your address book.  If you do not receive our digital signature, or if you want to obtain any other digital signature, you can retrieve this for anyone with a digital ID from the Verisign searchable data base at:

    Verisign Digital ID Database

Once the Digital ID is in place, the two parties can further enhance security by exchanging Digital IDs and then adding "encryption" to the e-mail.  You will only be able to open digitally signed and encrypted e-mail if each party has the others digital ID on their system.  For additional information on how to use the Digital ID service with encryption, you may also wish to read the notice from Verisign which we have provided in the following text file:

    Verisign Digital ID Instruction Notification

Clients or associates that experience any difficulties with CENSOL e-mail or web site services as a result of the Verisign digital service are asked to contact us as soon as possible so that the necessary corrections can be made.

    CENSOL Privacy Protection Comments or Concerns

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