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Notice of Pollutech International Limited Name Change to CENSOL INC.

Expanded Strategic Alliance Capabilities

April 14, 2003 -- 

Pollutech International Limited (PIL) and CENSOL Inc., jointly announced today that a number of exciting changes will take place within the organizations effective May 1, 2003. These changes are the result of planned restructuring activities related to the Share Purchase Agreements entered into between various companies in 1995 and 1996.

With the effective transfer of these local operations, Pollutech International Limited (PIL) has announced the name change of POLLUTECH International Limited to CENSOL Inc., allowing for the continuation of the services previously offered by Pollutech International Limited under the CENSOL name. Pollutech International  (now CENSOL) provides environmental consulting and management services worldwide, including 47 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Under the CENSOL banner, the company will begin the transformation to provide "one-stop-shopping" for Canadian environmental solutions to international clients.

CENSOL Inc. will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Laughton Management Corporation (LMC), will retain the name of CENSOL (Comprehensive Environmental Solutions), as it reflects the intent of the organization to provide complete solutions, building on an extensive team of technical and financial solution providers. CENSOL has established a network of national and international alliances to provide this service on a worldwide basis 2. Under existing agreements, the CENSOL team will continue to provide the services for all POLLUTECH international clients.

In accordance with the existing agreements, CENSOL will continue to subcontract work for biological testing and investigations, process engineering and analytical services to the operating POLLUTECH companies.

CENSOL Inc. is taking steps to increase worldwide representation through the execution of a number of new "Alliance Agreements" with partners in Canada and elsewhere.

Web: http://www.censol.ca

1 POLLUTECH is a registered trademark of the POLLUTECH Group of Companies Inc., used under license in Canada.
1 CENSOL is a registered trademark of CENSOL Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Laughton Management Corporation.
Alliance Offices in Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay, Hong Kong, and Egypt

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