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The first thing that is new to this web site is this page that will record what is new, so when you check back you can find out what has changed since your last visit.

You can reach the family research pages for the FAMILY TREE or any of the other research web sites now at a common HOME PAGE.

You can monitor any page on the Family Tree web site and thus be automatically notified of any changes.  Just click OK on the following panel and a "pop up" window will appear where you can enter (or cut and paste) any URL for from this site for continuous monitoring.

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What follows is our tracking of the major changes made to the web site:

August 27, 2006: As accidental but important find!  While searching for information on Olga Emilia Ognoski (1954) we came across the City of Saskatoon Records for Olga Ognoski (1931).  The first Olga had died in child birth and prior to this date we had not seen any records.  Olga One now has her own page on this site and with time we hope to find more.  Also today we narrowed the site display to allow better viewing on all sizes of computer monitors.

April 9 2006:  The youngest of the clan gets his own page on this date.  Max will be too young to understand but he shares a special date with his Uncle's ("The Giant") Grandfather (George Van Wyck Laughton) as it was on this date in April 1917 that George won the Military Cross in the Battle of Vimy Ridge in the Great War 1914-1918.  Only two web sites were update on this 89th anniversary of that battle, those were George's and Max's.

April 3, 2006:  Daphne Maria Breeze (nee Ognoski) gave in to the pressure on March 19. 2006 and send in her text and pictures for the Ognoski family tree.  These have now been edited and posted on Daphne's Page for the whole world to see.  You will also find a few photos of husband Simon and the youngest grandchild for Grandmother Marina and Great Grandmother Emilia, the "Max".  I understand that soon Max may have his own page, he is working on the wording and pictures to have them ready for Easter 2006!

January 8, 2006:  Over the Christmas Holidays I added some additional information, short on fact but more on concept. just to get others on the roll to correct the text.  This week I also got Ed's 8mm films transferred to digital, so we now have those in DVD, miniDV and VHS format.  The web page with the details and some interesting pictures from the 50 year old 8mm movies has now been posted (link).  I have a DVD for each of the sisters and a VHS for Granny.

December 20-31, 2005:  Some structure is starting to take place on the main web site, mainly so other members of the family can visualize what information will be needed to fill in the web site.  To go to the next phase on the FAMILY TREE I will need some help in finding out all I can about the KIRSCHNER and OGNOSKI lines.  We have entered the basics on the Kirschner family history from Czechoslovakia (the Ukraine will follow for the Ognoski's).  We have started on the individual pages for the eras, using Olga as an example (complete with photos and documents).  If you start on the main ERA Page you will see from the menu bar on the left that you can walk through each generation from Stanley 19__, to Edward 1932 and then Olga 1954.  Alternatively, you can reach any person directly from the table on the  ERAS Main Page.

December 19, 2005:  Commissioning Day of the web site recorded.  The last week has been spent digitizing the photograph collection (mainly slides) of Edward Ognoski.  At present these are all in the IMAGE DIRECTORY but in time will be moved to the specific web pages.



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