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There are a number of "Registration Sites" that contain records of the births, deaths, christenings, and marriages of families.  As our research progresses, I am sure that we will come upon numerous sites, so we have prepared a folder to file these documents.

Within Canada you can look for records in the Toronto Star "Pages of the Past" (as well as many other papers), where you can not only search for individual people (births, deaths, news, etc.) but also to see what major events took place on the birth date of a particular person.  We have found, for example, specific people named for a person that was in the news at the time of their birth.  (Note: It is best if you first download the most up-to-date Adobe Reader so that these files open properly in your web browser.)

As I don't have prior experience searching relatives names in the Eastern European countries, this is a new adventure.  Here are a list of the research and/or registration sites I have found to date:

Searching In Slovakia: a no charge site where you can post your name, e-mail address and information on the person you are researching (note: I have sent in this information).
Slovak Genealogical Research:  a related site that has a number of search options, including place names and surnames.


Some other interesting research resources may be:

Klenovec, Slovakia Tourist Channel:  background information on the community, that will perhaps lead to other sites of interest for Klenovec, Slovakia:  use the zoom buttons to look at more detail or more general information on the map, such as placement of Klenovec relative other cities or as you can find Klenovec relative to Budapest and Bratislava



Although just starting the search in Canada, we have found a few places of interest and I am sure this will grow with time.  A trip is needed to visit the Walkerton and Parkhill Cemeteries, however as of yet I have not found contact information - anyone have that?  We will post what we have found in this list:

Ontario Genealogical Society - link found, not researched as of yet, other than it appears all the time when searching the Ontario Cemeteries links.

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid - you can enter a name (see: search function) and find where the person is buried and a link (reference) to who obtained the records.  



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