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The images previously provided here have now been sent to each family member on CD and thus have been removed from the web site due to the storage requirements.

Image Directories are now in the process of being created to support the links from the individual persons web page.  Similarly Document Directories are being created for the documents scanned for their pages.

Not all of the photographs that are used in the web pages are from Ed's slide collection, so there will be some additional scanned photos in the individual directories.  Any photos from slides that were used are moved to the new directory, for as noted above the "filebox" has now been deleted.

As were reported earlier, we identified a local company ( that has now completed the transfer all of Ed Ognoski's 8mm films to DVD to share with the family.  The details of these films now appear on this web site in their own directory for 8mm Films.  We are currently awaiting arrival of the miniDV equipment that will for the uploading of film clips from the digital master.


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