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The Ognoski family history in Canada is a story of European immigrants who came to Canada, in essence to make Canada what it is today - an immense country with a diverse culture.

The two key families that make up the family line were the paternal Ognoski (Ojonovski) from Klenovec, Czechoslovakia and the maternal (Kirschner) from Kiev, Ukraine.  At the time of the commissioning of this family tree web site, the matriarch of the family is Emilia Sophie Kirschner (nee Pal), who is 92 years of age.

The Ognoski heritage in Europe ..

The Kirschner heritage in Europe ...

Stanley Ognoski settled in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 19__and married Mary Trischuk in ______.  Stanley raised his family while working for Canadian National Railways as a train engineer.  Stanley and Mary moved to Toronto in 19__.  We have several pictures of Mary working in the shipyards, prior to the time she took up a career as a hairdresser.

Julius Kirschner married Emila Pal in Czechoslovakia and emigrated to Canada in 19__ (without Emilia) where he worked in British Columbia as a lumberjack, while saving money to eventually bring Emilia to Canada.  Emilia finally arrived in 19__, at which time Julius and Emilia settled in Toronto, Ontario.

Stanley and Mary's son Edward Ognoski met Julius and Emilia's daughter Marina Kirschner in Toronto in 19__ (details from Granny please!) ......

Edward and Marina spent their early years ......

In 1967, Canada celebrated it's centennial year and in celebration Edward and Marina packed up not only their young children (Olga, Denise and Daphne) but also their parents, and bought a hotel (the "White House") in Barbados.  Here the girls experienced the British school system and started their time as avid equestrians.  In 19__ the Ognoski family sold the hotel and returned to Canada, at which time Edward went to work in scientific sales, first with Corning Glass and later with Fischer Scientific. (authors note: this is key to my introduction into the family story).

.... and then the current years


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