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Olga Emilia Ognoski
(photo by Edward Ognoski, May 1965)

Olga Emilia Laughton (nee Ognoski) is the eldest daughter of Edward Stanley Ognoski and Marina Violet Ognoski (nee Kirschner).  Olga was born in 1954, attended schools in Canada and Barbados, and is a graduate of Toronto's York University (Political Science 1975).  Olga married Richard Laughton in 1976 and moved to Milton, Ontario, where the family resides to date.  She is the proud mother of eldest daughter Melissa Christina (now married to Darryl Finley) and triplet daughters Jennifer Maureen (engaged to Ted Everson), Edwyna Vanessa, and Tessa Marina.



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Family Name: Ognoski
Olga at 5 months, November 1954
First Name: Olga named for he father's sister who passed away at 14 months of age (she would have been 23 in 1954)

Middle Name(s): Emilia named for her grandmother Emilia Kirschner (nee Pal)

(shown here with Grandmother Emilia "Starka" and Grandfather Julius "Starki")

Details of Birth: Friday June 25, 1954 9:39 am
Room 311 
Birth Weight: 6 pounds, 4.5 ounces
Birth Height: 22 inches
Dr. Tepperman, Nurse Jeanne
Baby Milestones (record book given toe Ed and Marina on August 22, 1954 at their first wedding anniversary.)


Date of Christening: October 3, 1954 Baby Milestones (cards are in the book)

Olga with parents Marina and Edward, November 21, 1954

Date of Marriage: November 12, 1976
"The Old Mill", Toronto Ontario

Date of Death:    
The Pre-School Years: Olga first resided at 785 Gladstone Avenue, moving to 1069 Briar Hill Avenue in April 1955. Olga has always loved a party, it appears something that started in her early childhood, as evidenced in the photo ...
Olga's 1st Birthday, June25th 1955 with 22 guests
The School Years: Public School: 
  Grade 3&4 - Humber Heights
  Grade 8 - Ryerson Public School

High Schools:
 Ursuline Convent, St. Michael, Barbados
  Silverthorn Collegiate, Etobicoke ON  Grade 13

Olga the "Cheerleader" Barbados
(the big "A" at the corner of sign)


Olga & Denise, Ursuline Convent, Barbados

Olga Class Picture, Barbados
(2nd row, 5th from right)

The University Years: York University, Bachelor of Arts 1975

York University, Faculty of Graduate Studies (Political Science)

Olga at Graduation, York University
Bachelor of Arts, May 1975
The Wedding: Husband:
Richard Van Wyck Laughton
The Growing Family: 4 Daughters:

Melissa Christina
Jennifer Maureen
Edwyna Vanessa
Tessa Marina

Each of the daughters has a web page on the Laughton Family Tree web site.

 Melissa (1977)        Jennifer   Tessa  Edwyna (1980)
Major Achievements:

Olga has always been an avid equestrian, having maximized that with the production and raising of another four avid equestrian daughters.


Olga at 15  with Dentash
August 1968 (Barbados)



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