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Stanley 19__
Julius 1905


This section of the Family Tree web site contains the information on the family members of both the paternal Ognoski line and the maternal Kirschner line.  

Your assistance in providing details for each person named in the tree would be most appreciated.  For the offspring that do not yet have their own page, please retrieve the from this web site.  You can complete this page in Microsoft Front Page (save to local: Front Page File) or Microsoft Word (download: Word File).  Alternatively, just send the information by e-mail.  Once we get the basic information for the new additions, we will add a hot-link to the following genealogical chart.  See other instructions at the bottom of this page.


Ognoski Family Line


Kirschner Family Line



Stanley Ognoski
married: Mary Trischuk
daughter: Olga Ognoski
son: Edward Stanley Ognoski


Julius Augustus Kirschner
married: Emilia Sophie Pal
daughter: Marina Violet Kirschner


Edward Stanley Ognoski
married: Marina Violet Kirschner
Olga Emilia Ognoski
Denise Marina Ognoski
Daphne Maria Ognoski


Olga Emilia Ognoski
married: Richard Laughton
Melissa Christina
Jennifer Maureen
Edwyna Vanessa
Tessa Marina
Denise Mariah Kirschner

Daphne Maria Ognoski
married: Simon Breese
Max Edward


Melissa Christina
married: Darryl Finley
Jennifer Maureen
married: Edward Everson
Edwyna Vanessa
Tessa Marina


Note to family contributors:

As we obtain more information, the web site will go back further in time to record the earliest available information.  For example, it now starts (see directory on the left) with Stanley Ognoski (birth date unknown) and Julius Kirschner (1905).  We know that  Julius Kirschner descended from Gustav Kirschner and that his wife Emilia Kirschner ("Starka") descended from Frank Pal and Marina Jablonska , so those will eventually become the first links.  The goal will be to then go back further than Gustav and Frank to find the preceding generation, and so on.

The index on the left will change as you move through each page, to show the offspring of the people under the previous page.  As such, you can walk your way through the various lines in the family tree.

The success of this project will depend on a great extent to the amount of information that can be collected.  Most importantly, we must start with the oldest generations to collect as much of that information as possible.  You may be surprised to find out how much information you have in your possession that is of value.  For example, do you have your birth or christening book with notes, photographs and documents (we have the one for Olga 1954)?  Do you have any family bibles, if so look for loose pages or notes.  If you have family pictures in frames, look to see what is behind the current picture (that is where we found the older pictures of Emilia 1913 ("Starka").

For those that want to contribute, to your own page as well as the pages of others, we can use a standard format (click here for master) if we can find the following: (see the web page for Olga 1954 as an example, as that is the most I have for any one person at present)

At any time we can also add descriptive paragraphs, photographs or documents to cover any additional information.  In particular, copies of unique documents (early citizenship papers, diplomas, awards, etc.) can be used.




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