Emilia 1913

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Marina 1934


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Family Name: Pal  
First Name: Emilia
Middle Name(s): Sophie  
Details of Birth: March 21, 1913
Klenovec, Czechoslovakia
Date of Christening:    
Date of Marriage: March 7, 1932
Klenovec, Czechoslovakia
Date of Death:   92 years of age and still going strong (January 1, 2006)
The Pre-School Years:    
The School Years:    
University Years:    
The Wedding:    
The Growing Family: Emilia "Starka", is mother of Marina, grandmother of Olga, Denise and Daphne, and now grandmother of Melissa, Jennifer, Edwyna, Tessa, Nicole, Erin and Max.

Starka celebrated he 92nd birthday on March 21, 2005 and is now residing at the Brant Centre, Burlington Ontario Canada.

The Work Years:    
Major Achievements:    
Special Events:    

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