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Edward Stanley Ognoski’s
8mm Film Collection


We have been able to convert the 1950-1960 8mm film collection of Edward Stanley Ognoski to digital format.  For the "young at heart" we have made a DVD which has now been shipped out to "all the sisters".  

For Granny, we have made a VHS, so you can watch that until you get your DVD player (hint to grandchildren for next Christmas).

From the 8mm Archives 
(see below for more)


Check out the new covers here:

DVD Version

VHS Version

For those that are not into reading PDF documents, here is the basic content, but don't stop here, see some of the "film clips" that follow (still clips for now, new technology to follow with miniDV later):


This VHS tape contains the contents of 15 Kodak 8mm movie tapes from the collection of Ed Ognoski.  In January 2006, the films were transferred to digital format so that they could be preserved on DVD and a miniDV digital tape.

Since “Granny Ognoski” (Eddie’s wife Marina) did not have a DVD player, this separate VHS tape was made from the digital master.  Additional copies of this tape can be made when needed.  This is the first time Ed’s children have seen these movies, some 50 years after they were made.

At the start of the project, there was only minimal information on the contents of the 8mm films, either from some scribbles on the outside of the box, or the postmark indicating when the film was processed.  As such, the titles in the digital version contain what information was available at that time.  We now know more about the content, which we have listed in the menu below.

  1. 785 Gladstone : Grandparents, Parents & Baby Olga
  2. Gladstone & Detroit Family
  3. Olga’s Christening at Gladstone , June 1954
  4. Christmas 1955, Olga is 1.5 years old
  5. 1069 Briar Hill, Olga, Major & Parents in Buffalo
  6. July 1956, Ed & Marian; Merc & Tom “on vacation
  7. 1956 Santa Claus Parade
  8. 1957 Christmas at Briar Hill
  9. Ed, Marian & Olga Christmas 1956 (Brad Hall Film)
  10. Christmas 1958, 28 Odessa Ave. , Etobicoke
  11. May 1958, Odessa : Arrival of Denise
  12. December 1958, Odessa : Denise & Olga
  13. July 1960, Odessa : Family & Friends
  14. November 1961: Vacation Time
  15. Not dated: Vacation Continued

Who could have guessed back in the 1956 that we would be watching these 8mm films 50 years later on a “Laptop Computer” in 2006 and posting clips on the Internet!


For those that want a little hint of the content, check these out.  These are actual "captured frames" from the digitized version of the 8mm films from the computer program.  In the next phase, we will have actual "movie clips" that will be inserted.  Too bad there was no sound!  Also too bad we didn't follow Eddie's lead and take movies of all our kids during these early years.


Eddie Says "Hello"

Marina says "Hello"

Eddie & Marina

The "Grandmothers"

The "Grandfathers"


Starka & Starki

Baby Olga

Marina & Olga

Wild & Crazy Olga

Olga's Kissing Santa Claus!

Olga on the Run

Denise Arrives

Denise Christening

Olga, Ed, Marina, Denise

Starka & Denise

Denise "Trying to Smile"

Olga & Denise

Marina Fishing - Fun eh?

8mm Title Slide

"Princess Olga"


Starki & Marina

The "American Connection"


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