WWI Records

As part of the ongoing research into the military service of the Laughton clan, the detailed service records had been retrieved from the archives in Canada and the United Kingdom. Copies of these “paper documents” are included in the detailed web sites for Grandfather Laughton and Grandfather Kennedy.

In late 2012 the Canadian records became available in digital format for the Laughton Soldiers referenced on this site. These are very clear, digital colour images, of the same documents that were provided by photocopy in the past. These large files are available directly from the server at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), for which we are providing the following links:

The “Records Page” contains information on the location of the records at Library & Archives Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) as well as links to the “Attestation Papers” (enlistment) and the full “Service Records”. The service record file contains a copy of the attestation paper, or papers if there was more than one. The record page for G. V. Laughton does not contain an Attestation Paper link as the AP was not stored in the main LAC collection.