Soldier Details

The summary of the service is taken from the soldier’s service records, if they were available from Library and Archives Canada. A complete copy of the service record is available in electronic and paper format in the Alex Cooke Memorial Archives at the Milton Historical Society. As of August 2008 a complete copy of the service file is available on-line at CEF Service Records. You can search that file by name or service number. Please note that the paper records in the Archives do not include all of the documents available by way of the hyperlinks from this web site. As of December 25, 2008 all of the Nominal Rolls of the CEF Infantry Battalions, including Milton’s 164th Battalion are available on-line at CEF Nominal Rolls.Using that summary, combined with the key references, a summary of the events leading up to the death of the soldier has been prepared “where possible“. The research information available is as noted on the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group web site Matrix Project as well as in the Library and Archives Canada On-Line War Diaries. Additional details are also provided from the textual references, such as Nicholson’s “Official history of the Canadian Army: Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919“. A complete copy of the text, maps, sketches and Google Earth overlays has been transcribed from the original by Richard Laughton and Lynn Lane of the CEFSG.

The soldier pages contain information that is available from a number of resources. The following hyperlinks are active where the information is available:

Soldier Name: Veteran Affairs Canada, Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Soldier Number: Library and Archives Canada, Attestation Papers
Cemetery: Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Debt of Honour Register
Remembrance: Maple Leaf Legacy Project, Remembrance of Canada’s War Dead

Please also note that we have now placed a number of the Milton Soldiers in their appropriate grave site position using Google Earth. A tour of the cemeteries identifying a number of the grave sites is now on line at “Milton Soldiers Google Earth“. More grave sites will be added as the project continues.

The following is the list that has been compiled of those soldiers from, or associated with the Milton Victoria Park Cenotaph, that were included in the 2007 Remembrance Project. We have recently completed the 2008 with the soldiers on the Haltonville Cenotaph. Please note that there are soldiers listed that are not on either cenotaph which will be documented in October 2008. As well there is at one name that is incorrect on the Victoria Park Cenotaph (Mary Patterson), that is being removed from the cenotaph in October 2008 (Note: sadly, that was never completed). An unidentified soldier (Wesley Roberts) has existed on the Haltonville Cenotaph since it was created. There is no record of this soldier having been killed in action nor in fact his existence.The colouring of the cell with the name distinguishes the location of the memorial and the status of the research on that soldier. Click on the family name to go to each soldier’s page.

Name Victoria Park Cenotaph Milton, research was completed in 2007
Name Haltonville Cenotaph, research has been completed in 2008
Name Name appears on both Victoria Park and Haltonville – completed 2008
Name In book but not identified on either cenotaph – completed 2008
Name Incorrect entry – to be removed from records, no such person.


  1. If a soldier’s information has been moved from the old site to the new site then the “Last Name” will appear as a blue hyperlink. Plain black text means the records have not been moved as of this date. These are being done on a basis of the colour codes starting with the Haltonville Cenotaph. If the page you need has not yet been moved to the new site, please refer to the Milton Soldier Details on the Old Site. This version may be reactivated here on a temporary basis.
  2. If you are moving to the old site you will find that many of the primary links on the old site pages are no longer functional. Many web site changes have been made within the primary national and international sites, breaking these links. The correct links to the various sites are noted in the text on the page you are now reading. You may need to go to the new site links and search for the information on the soldier.
  3. The soldier pages that have been moved to the new site no longer have the list of links at the bottom of the page. The main links are posted on this page and will be updated on a regular basis. Individual links are being repaired on a soldier-bysoldier basis as the soldier pages are moved to the new site. Click on the link for the first soldier ADAMSON as an example of how the new site works.
  4. Links to each soldier’s Attestation Papers, and ultimately his complete Service Record, are now being provided on the new page for WWI Service Records. This project is ongoing, as we do our best to keep pace with the digitization and uploading of these files by Library and Archives Canada.
  5. I am now testing adding the “Circumstance of Death” and “Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Register” information to the following list. If there is a blue link for the cemetery that means you can click on that for the PDF file with the documents. If the casualty was listed on a major memorial, such as Vimy or Menin Gate, and there is a reference to the location where the soldier was initially buried or fell in action, then it is marked with an *. The detailed file (hyper-linked to the last name) will then provide details on where the casualty was located.
Last Name First Name Rank Number Battalion Cemetery
Adamson James Stanley Private 29411 16th Battalion Menin Gate Memorial
Allan William James Private 141847 76th Battalion Milton Evergreen
Archer Jonathan Watts Private 40516 BEF Lancashire Fusiliers Houchin British
Baguley Frederick Private 718192 16th Battalion Vimy Memorial*
Bastedo Alfred Carbert Captain officer 1st Battalion Western Ontario Regiment Menin Gate Memorial*
Baverstock Ernest Private 142260 24th Battalion Contay British
Beard Archie Warren Private 142261 24th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Belt James Edwin Dewey Lieutenant officer 20th Battalion Lijssenthock
Blair John Hastings Corporal 475575 P.P.C.L.I. Woodlawn Guelph
Bonus Melville Private 663543 4th Battalion Canadian Machine Gun Corps Crouy British
Carbert Charles Molyneaux Captain officer 20th Battalion & R.F.C. Moorseele Belgium
Carton Clarence Charles Archibald Private 769682 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Vimy Memorial
Cartwright William Frederick Private 663706 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Vis-en-Artois
Cooper Edmund A Private 3112559 2nd Battalion Canadian Garrison Regiment Milton Evergreen
Croft William Charles Private 140051 20th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Crowe John William Private 3314292 102nd Battalion Duisans British
Dent Harold James Private 511217 Fort Garry Horse Milton Evergreen
Denyes Meacham Private 663541 102nd Battalion Dury Mill British
Dockray Joseph Private 142534 21st Battalion Vimy Memorial*
Donnelly Edward Private 57164 20th Battalion Puchevillers British
Dunning Arnold Private 775477 87th Battalion Vimy Memorial* (POW)
Eden Albert N Private 210301 21st Battalion Lichfield Crater
Edwards Albert Private 11128 4th Battalion Caerphilly UK
Elliot James Harvey Private 663366 Canadian Machine Gun Corps Menin Gate Memorial
Elsley Harley Clifton Private 523897 Field Ambulance CAMC Halifax Memorial
Evans Alfred James Private 663090 164th Battalion Milton Evergreen
Farries Thomas Private 11146 4th Battalion Menin Gate
Fay Charles Henry Quartermaster Sergeant 3446 Canadian Engineers Aubigny
Fay Richard Private 654329 47th Battalion Vis-en-Artois
Fletcher Orville Osbourne Private 410093 38th Battalion Vimy Memorial*
Fryer Joseph John Private 3130005 1st Battalion Ontario Cemetery
Gowing Charles Edward Private 47862 15th Battalion Trois Abres
Graham William Private 142530 21st Battalion Nine Elms
Hadley Arthur Private 6805 1st Battalion Boulogne Eatern
Hamilton James Private 142280 24th Battalion Bolougne Eastern
Hamman Edward Charles Private 13749 5th Battalion Vimy Memorial*
Hampson Harry Private 126452 54th Battalion “C” Coy Menin Gate Memorial
Harrison David Edward Private 466781 10th Battalion Sucrerie
Harrison Septimus Private 11092 4th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Harrop Cedric Bombardier 348281 Canadian Field Artillery Divisional Ypres
Hartley Harold Kenneth Private 874758 8th Battalion Aubigny
Harwood William Pharo Trooper 227028 Canadian Light Horse Aubigny
Hill George Private 46585 15th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Hilson Thomas Frederick Private 3314330 87th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Jarvie John Private 142533 21st Battalion Vimy Memorial
Jordan Arthur Private 164292 16th Coy CMGC Menin Gate Memorial
Kerns William Kenneth Atkinson Private 663592 102nd Battalion Bodelwyddan UK
Kingsbury Lachlan James Private 663268 164th Battalion Ebenezer Milton CA
Lancaster Stanley Private 663102 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Cantimpre
Lees William Garvy Private 11160 4th Battalion Menin Gate
Maddocks William Corporal 302221 Canadian Field Artillery Milton Evergreen
Mander Bertie Cecil Lance Corporal 11164 4th Battalion Lapugnoy
Manley Frank Sapper 163877 No. 2 Field Company, Canadian Engineers Villers Station
March Joscelyn Private 57893 20th Battalion Naves
McIntyre Mark Calvin Driver 324009 5th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery Crucifix Corner
McTague Robert Michael Private 675620 2nd Battalion Crouy British
Merrett Roland Alexander Sergeant 737046 43rd Battalion Vimy Memorial
Milne James Private 126440 73rd Battalion Vimy Memorial
Murray John Clark Private 47905 15th Battalion Menin Gate Memorial
Paterson Duncan Corporal 11157 4th Battalion Mazingarbe
Paterson Mary
(Mary Blaikley)
Domestic n/a now known not to exist and name to be removed from cenotaph Abbeville
Pollock William John Private 475994 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Menin Gate Memorial
Potter Warrie Joseph Charles Private 757873 19th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Reading Allen Private 145504 87th Battalion Sucerie
Roberts Wesley Private unknown no such person unknown
Roberts William George Private 663522 21st Battalion Monthuon Military Cem.
Robertson Charles Eric Captain / Commanding officer 11th Squadron, Royal Vis-en-Artois
Robertson James Ernest Lieutenant officer 27th Battalion Loker Churchyard
Robinson Howard Challen Private 648785 38th Battalion Dury Mill British
Sinclair Hugh Cameron Private 142298 24th Battalion Vimy Memorial
Slack William unknown 10988 unknown Menin Gate Memorial
Stevens Edward James Worringham Private 57726 20th Battalion Vis-en-Artois
Tremblett William Henry Private 405451 21st Battalion, “D” Coy Vimy Memorial
Tuck Elmer Lawrence Private 663497 54th Battalion Beaucort British
Turrell Russell Brandon Private 663124 164th Battalion Bramshott UK
Tuxford Victor Edward Private 11152 4th Battalion Adanac
Tuxworth Albert Arthur Trooper 959 Royal Canadian Dragoons Crouy British
Walsh Frederick Gnr 348333 Canadian Field Artillery, 12th Brigade Bapaume
Williams Sydney Thomas Private 11188 4th Battalion Brown’s Road