Milton Soldiers Project

The Milton Soldiers Project has now returned to Blogger , as we begin the next big stage of linking the project to all the new locations, many of which are new and others that are the result of server changes at the source.

Here is a brief overview of what is changing:

  1. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has completely revamped their site and any of the old links in the blog from the 2008 era no longer work. Shortly I will begin the process to correct all the links to the casualty page for each of the Milton soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Great War of 1914-1921.
  2. The Maple Leaf Legacy Project changed from a domain listed as “.org” to a Canadian domain listed as “.ca”. As such, all the links to the individual soldiers listings must be changed. Many of the grave site photographs came from the MLLP site.
  3. A great deal of new material has been digitized by Library and Archives Canada for the Canadian men who served in the war, not just those that perished. After a long process, they are nearing the end of a major project to have linked access to the Service Records of each individual, not just their Attestation Papers. With this big change, we are now linking ALL the Milton Soldiers that served in the Great War to their records, not just those that perished. This addition will take time.
  4. The Canadian Great War Project has been transferred to the University of Victoria in British Columbia. The new version of the site is located at a new address, although the old site is still active. In addition, the University has added a very good component that provides simple access to the War Diaries of Canadian units from the Great War. We strongly suggest this over the “less than friendly system” available from Library and Archives Canada.
A decision has not yet been made as to whether the web based version of the Milton Soldiers Project will be re-activated on the Laughton web site, or abandoned. During the Beta Testing period, you can check here to see if the web pages have returned:
A copy of this notice has been posted to the Laughton web site at that location. Stay tuned for more information!