Great War 1914-1921

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Both of my grandfathers served with distinction, enlisting with the Canadian Expeditionary Force and later serving as Officers in the British Army. George Laughton cam back to Canada, discharged with wounds after Arras (Vimy) in 1917. Jack Kennedy was captured and served out the war as a POW until his release. All of the details are on their web sites.

My two Great Uncles, brothers of Josiah Kennedy, served only in the British Army and both with the Royal Irish Rifles (where Josiah later served as a Captain). Neither of my Great Uncles survived the war, one lost in Belgium the other in France:

In addition to those primary sites, there are a number of original “Blogger” sites for other family members of the Great War:

For additional details contained in these men’s Attestation Papers and Service Records, please see “WWI Records“.