Lisa Anne Warren

On April 4, 2016 Laughton Training & Sales Inc. was granted a Default Judgement from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Lisa Anne Warren who was last known to reside at 45 Crystalview Crescent in the City of Brampton, Province of Ontario, Postal Code L6P 2R7. The other contact information on file at this time is as follows:

Text Messages and Phone Calls to 647-928-1641 are rejected by the Fido System. E-mails are neither answered nor returned. Registered Mail sent to the address on record in the Court documents (45 Crystalview Crescent, Brampton ON L6P 2R7) have now been returned, with the notice “recipient not located at address provided“.

This is Lisa Anne Warren as posted to her Facebook page:

Lisa Anne Warren – New Facebook Photo

Lisa Anne Warren – Prior Facebook Photo

If you know how to contact Lisa Anne Warren, please contact LAUGHTON MANAGEMENT CORPORATION at 416-219-6950 or e-mail  us at You cooperation would be most appreciated.


Lisa Anne Warren is last noted on her Facebook page as being the “Owner-Operator” of Winter’s Dream Stables in Bradford, Ontario. Prior to her arrival at Laughton Training & Sales Inc. (LTS) she was an employee at the Claireville Ranch in Brampton Ontario. To the best of our knowledge she returned to Clairview prior to opening her operation in Bradford. Winter’s Dream Stables is operated on property that is the current site of a riding academy that has no known affiliation with the business operated by Lisa Anne Warren.

The following documents are provided as they relate to the matter of the claim against Lisa Anne Warren:

The document was issued and sealed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on April 4, 2016  in the City of Burlington.