New Members Please Read

Please see post here on how to change your password and complete your profile.
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New Members Please Read

#1 Post by Admin » Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:42 pm

Updated January 30, 2013

This is a new November 2012 initiative of "Laughton Training & Sales Inc." to provide a phpBB3 based forum for all owners, boarders and students of LTS.

At present, registration is restricted so that only LTS members can participate in the forum. Make sure that Tessa has your FULL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS so that you can be added to the user list. This is a change from the early plan to let everyone register and then have it approved, as too many "non-members" tried to register. If you did go through that process, you will have to start again. You can only register with a REAL NAME so if you are "Jane Smith" you will appear as "J Smith". You can not register as "Equine Smith" or "Horsey 4". Any registrations attempted prior to January 30, 2013 have now been deleted as they did not have REAL NAMES on the LTS list. The on-line registration process has now been removed, you must be added manually (at least for now) via Tessa's list.

If you are viewing the LTS FORUM as a "Guest" we have set the permissions so that you have "Read Access" only, so you can see what is planned but you can't post to the forum. If you want to make a post, you will need to register.

Your request to register as a member of this forum confirms your agreement that any activities here will follow the same guidelines in place at LTS. If you do not know what those are, please ask. Any deviation from that acceptable behaviour will result in an immediate ban from the forum.

Some of the specific LTS FORUM guidelines are as follows:
  1. Posts must not contain material that is offensive, spam, or otherwise unacceptable.
  2. All posts must be ON TOPIC and apply to LTS operations and facilities.
  3. Posts that do not comply with the guidelines will be deleted.
  4. Members that fail to comply with warnings will be banned.
We hope you enjoy this new initiative and become a willing participant!

LTS Forum Admin Team

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