Change your Profile and Password

Please see post here on how to change your password and complete your profile.
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Change your Profile and Password

#1 Post by Admin » Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:06 am

Once you have your USER NAME and TEMPORARY PASSWORD information you can log into the system. To then complete the registration, please do the following: (the links are active in the text below if you just want to follow those - right click them to open them in a new tab)
  1. Go to the User Control Panel in the upper right corner and click the link.
  2. On the left panel on the new page you will now be able to click on the Profile
  3. While you are on that main profile page, please fill in the information in the spaces provided.
  4. You can go through the rest of the list on the profile page as you wish but MOST IMPORTANT if you have been manually registered that you go to the Edit account settings and change your password from the one provided. Nobody will know your new password, not even the site administrators.
  5. You can add a signature that will show at the bottom of each post and you can use BBCode in the signature. HTML is not allowed with phpBB3.
  6. You may upload your own Avatar (Image) but it must be greater than 20 x 20 pixels but less than 100 x 100 pixels. In total it must be less than 10,000 bytes (10 KB).
  7. As a last step, please go back to the Forum Topic "Welcome to the LTS Forum" and add a new topic to introduce yourself to the other members. If you are too shy to start a new topic, reply to the existing Welcome Message.
Those are the basic steps to be completed by everyone, so you are now ready to participate. Have fun and please adhere to the Forum Rules.

If you are not familiar with phpBB3 or FORUMS, you might want to browse the FAQ section - upper right corner by the User Control Panel. Specific user assistance for this forum is provided in the section All About the Forum. More will be added over time.

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