Where does the hay come from?

Farm grown hay!
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Where does the hay come from?

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There are three main areas where the hay comes from that feeds the LTS operation:
  1. Hay grown on the property
  2. Hay grown on other Radisic properties on Bell School Line and Appleby Line
  3. Hay from the north side of No. 2 Sideroad (Bill's Farm)
This past year the main Radisic property did not yield any hay as the fields were allowed to fallow (crop rotation) for a year and then they were re-seeded. Now that the hay crop is established it can be cut and harvested in the 2013 season.

The hay is normally cut, dried and baled in mid-June (1st cut) and again in late August and early September (2nd cut). It is all cut in the same fashion but it can be bailed into the small "Square Bales" or the large "Round Bales". The square bales are stored in the hay loft above the Bank Barn and the large round bales in the Quonset Hut. Square bales that come from neighbour Bill's farm are brought over in hay wagons and are kept in the old shavings shed next to the Lesson Barn.

Nobody other than staff are allowed access to the hay storage areas.

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