Can you use images already on Facebook?

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Can you use images already on Facebook?

#1 Post by Admin » Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:45 am

Sure you can!

Right click on any image and click on "inspect element". Copy the link to the actual image (ends in JPG, PNG, GIF or another suitable format). More detail is provided following these images.

Copy that link and use it here, for example from Waymark: ... 5565_n.jpg

Now shown as an image using the "LTSimage=" function in the controls and set to 400:

or another fine specimen from the LTS herd: ... 6778_n.jpg

At any time that you are using the "inspect element" function on the Facebook page a new box opens at the bottom of the page. The tab at the top of that box will be on "Elements". To see the links to all the photo images click on the tab "Resources" and then select "Frames" / "Photos". You can now look at every image on the Facebook page.

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