L0879 65585 20725

If you have found a piece of equipment that is marked with the number LO8796558520725, on a metallic sticker or engraved, then you have found lost or stolen equipment that belongs to LAUGHTON MANAGEMENT CORPORATION or OLGA AND RICHARD LAUGHTON. I found, we would appreciate it if you contact us by:

  • Email: rlaughton@laughton.ca
  • Email: rlaughton@gmail.com
  • Text or Cell: 1-416-219-6950
  • Fax: 1905-878-8775

We are located at:

582 Hawthorne Crescent
Milton, Ontario
Google Maps Link
GPS: 43.5007502, -79.8739651

Sticker Marking LAUGHTON Equipment
Ontario Driver’s Licence Number