Laughton Management Corporation


The roots of Laughton Management Corporation (LMC) extend back to 1976 when Laughton Development Corporation (LDC) was incorporated in Toronto, Ontario Canada to handle the business affairs of Olga and Richard Laughton. At that time, LDC was primarily involved in taking environmental and biophysical concepts from the research & development stage, to the prototype level, then to production. The major emphasis was on advanced water and wastewater treatment alternatives and by-product development by chemical and biochemical means.

In the early 1980’s LDC entered into an share purchase agreement with Pollutech Limited, a specialized environmental consultancy, to acquire the company. When the transaction was completed, LDC and POLLUTECH underwent a corporate amalgamation resulting in the formation of the new Pollutech Environmental Limited (PEL) in Oakville, Ontario. In the years that followed, Pollutech grew considerably within Canada and Internationally. The Sarnia, Ontario operation was split off as Pollutech Enviroquatics Limited (PEQL), all international work became the mandate of Pollutech International Limited (PIL) and specialized environmental site assessment projects went to Pollutech Geotechnical Limited (PGL). With the amalgamation of LDC and Pollutech, a new corporation known as Laughton Management Corporation (LMC) was created as the designated parent corporation of all Pollutech companies.

During the mid to late 1990’s the Pollutech companies went through a process of franchising, as the Oakville (PEL) and Sarnia (PEQL) companies were gradually transferred to corporate partners. Each company had it’s own technical mandate for Pollutech operations in Southwestern Ontario. All international work, plus any work outside the PEL or PEQL franchise areas remained the responsibility of PIL – which remained a wholly owned subsidiary of LMC. The PEL and PEQL operations became separate entities and have continued to grow and prosper in Ontario.

During the period of rapid development of the LMC and PIL operations in the 1990’s a number of large national and international projects started to develop that required manpower and expertise that went well beyond the capabilities of LMC. Working closely with federal government departments and agencies (Industry Canada, Foreign Affairs Canada, Canadian International Development Agency, Canadian Commercial Corporation and Export Development Canada) an Canadian based international corporation was formed to provide complete Canadian Environmental Solutions worldwide. The new entity, CENSOL Inc. (Candian ENvironmental SOLutions) was born, with partners in leading Canadian companies providing engineering, marketing, manufacturing and finance. PIL was the consortium partner in CENSOL that provided the up-front process engineering for these projects and was the leader in the development of financing for the international projects with the International Development Banks (World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.).

In May 2003, LMC completed the final phase of the disposition of Pollutech Environmental Limited (PEL) and from then on concentrated on the international projects with PIL and CENSOL. Shortly thereafter, LMC acquired all the shares of CENSOL and PIL changed it;s operating name to CENSOL Inc.