CENSOL Inc., (formerly Pollutech International Limited) provides expertise in environmental analysis, project management and financial alternatives to clients worldwide.  CENSOL is a member of the LMC Group of Companies, incorporated in Ontario Canada in 1975.  The companies have been providing international environmental consulting services since 1984, leading to the incorporation of Pollutech International Limited in 1991.

Corporate references demonstrate the accomplishments of the CENSOL team and the international respect that it has attained.  For example, some of our clients have said:

  • a particularly enthusiastic, competent group of Canadian environmental professionals who, based on our knowledge of them, will do an extraordinarily thorough job with future contracts – Canadian Consulate, Nicaragua;
  • an excellent example of bringing Canadian expertise to other parts of the world … the project contributes not only to the development objectives of the region, but also to creating jobs in Canada and promoting Canadian values internationally – Hon Pierre S. Pettigrew, Minister of International Trade, Ottawa;
  • I would rank the company’s communication skill among the highest in the Canadian environmental industry – having the demonstrated ability to undertake and document assessments of environmental issues both domestically and internationally – Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA);
  • able to develop a strategy to prove that a complex environmental concern could be dealt with in a technical sound and financially responsible matter – excellent investigative, analytical and presentation skills – Hamilton Port Authority;
  • excellent ability to work in difficult environments, both physically and politically – demonstrated ability to forge excellent working relationships with local partners and clients – Canadian Embassy, Costa Rica;
  • ability to successfully undertake complex international assignments requiring a high degree of interaction with multiple stakeholders – proven reliable in undertaking assignments within budgets and specified periods of time – Ontario Exports Inc.;
  • dynamic, efficient, innovative and competent – one of the leading Canadian consulting firms that have a wide range of experience in various industry sectors – provided valuable advise in developing the Canadian Environmental Industry Strategy – a model for other Canadian companies – Industry Canada;
  • professional and committed to producing high quality work – very responsive to project needs, thus demonstrating excellent communication skills – meetings well organized and constructive, activities on budget and on time – Environment Canada;
  • approached the project in a logical and efficient manner having regards to our needs and produced a report that was detailed and persuasive – excellent use of available technology (the “deal web site”) – Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Lawyers;
  • Censol made the initial studies, were in charge of preparing the RFQ, studying the quotations , and made a final recommendation . We think that the work made by Censol was A+ . Censol’ s advice and guidance was very useful all the time and made the difference in the project – Compania Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A.;
  • conducted itself with the ultimate professionalism and clear expertise in carrying off the technical review of the project – the sugar mill management team was highly impressed with our team’s excellent knowledge and analysis of the engineering, environmental and financial components of the project – North American Development Bank, Texas USA;
  • you have done an incredible job on this and I have really enjoyed working together. Even though the timing was tighter than I hope it will be the next time, you always came through – thank you for your efforts – Pioneer Construction Inc.; and
  • extraordinarily impressed with speed and resources brought to assist in obtaining the required answers – final report extremely thorough and valuable – able to engage our client’s foreign plant staff to willingly assist – Klotz & Co., International Business Lawyers.

CENSOL Inc. is directed by Richard Laughton, Project Director for all of the projects referenced.  Mr. Laughton served as a member of the Board of Directors of ONEIA (Ontario Environment Industry Association), CEIA (Canadian Environmental Industry Association)  and CEAA (Canadian Environmental Auditing Association). At ONEIA Richard chaired both the International Trade and Business Development Committees.  At CEIA he created and chaired the Project Finance Cluster, which worked in close cooperation with Industry Canada and Export Canada. During his tenure at CEAA he structured and chaired the Appeals & Discipline Committee.  He has participated as a member of the Board of Examiners for both CEAA and IPEP.  Prior to the change to CENSOL, Mr. Laughton was President of Pollutech Group of Companies Inc. and Pollutech International Limited.

A summary of CENSOL’s international project work is available on-line in PDF at International Summary

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