Ognoski Ancestry

The Ognoski family history detailed in this web site is based on the genealogical records found from family resources and external searches for my wife Olga Emilia Ognoski.  It has been developed to provide details on both Olga’s paternal (Ognoski) family as well as her maternal (Kirschner) heritage, so in reality it is the “Ognoski-Kirschner Family Genealogy”.  As this family line in Canada dates back only to the immigration of the grandparents, there is little information in the Canadian records.  This makes the project a little more difficult than the Laughton Family Genealogy.

Staschu Ojonovski in 1923
(Stanley Ognoski)  

The Ognoski Family Tree was initially hosted on the CENSOL web site and has now been moved to our new Laughton.ca web site. A number of updates to the links and images have yet to be completed.


With the assistance of Marina Violet Ognoski and Emilia Sophie Kirshner, we started assemble the structure of the family tree.  Much more information is needed, so we appeal to you for assistance, whether a family member or a “far away relative” who has travelled to this site.

As a resource for the preparation of this web site we have scanned and digitized the family 35 mm slides and still photographs of Olga’s father Edward Stanley Ognoski, who sadly left us at an early age in 1989. If you are a member of the family, whether in Canada or Overseas, you may contact us at to obtain access to thee images and videos.