The Unknown Project

I had forgotten to post to the BLOG that a new category had been set up in PUBLICATIONS for the UNKNOWN PROJECT. These reflect the results of research by the author (with support from CEFSG or GWF Team Members) to match the graves sites in CWGC Commonwealth Cemeteries to those that were killed in the Great War of 1914-1921 (World War One, First World War).

That page contains links to the reports of either CANADIAN UNKNOWNS or alternatively COMMONWEALTH UNKNOWNS. The difference is that the Canadian Reports are submitted to the CWGC Agency in Ottawa, Canada and the Commonwealth Reports are submitted to the CWGC Head Office in Maidenhead, England.

The image below is the text added to the new headstone for Corporal Martin Carroll, the first case accepted in this project. His new headstone is located in the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery in France.

New finds (reports) are published on Twitter @

You will find that the TWEETS are noted as:

  1. For the Canadians:
    • #CEF_FOUND – the grave was located and a report was filed
    • #CEF_HELP – we need some help finding this person
    • #CEF_CORRECTION – reports an error on a CWGC record or headstone
  2. For the Commonwealth:



Publications On-Line

I have now added all of the ARCHIVED TECHNICAL and CURRENT MILITARY publications to this web site. You can reach them from the main menu bar of via this link:


You may also go direct to the publications sub-directories at:

You are most welcome to use any of this material for private or non-commercial research purposes.

WWI Service Records Available

If you are a LAUGHTON in Canada and doing family genealogy then you will want to know that Library and Archives Canada has now digitized the LAUGHTON WWI Service Records. This is something I pay very close attention to for the Laughton Clan and so I rank this as a “Top Ten” event.

The documents are here:

Laughton WWI Military Service Records

If you do not follow this topic, contact me directly and I will explain.