Commonwealth Unknowns

The following is a list of reports submitted to the Commemorations Team of the  Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Maidenhead, U.K. This list is for persons that are not Canadian, in the case of ground forces, or involve a person from another commonwealth country, in the case of air forces. There are many cases where one of the crew was British and the other was South African, Canadian, Australian or a New Zealander. The nationalities are specified in the reports.

  1. Corporal BFG Jeffs RFC Douchy-Les-Asyette British Cemetery Plot 3 Row D Grave 7.pdf (11 July 2016 – CWGC Case No. 86-1)
  2. Lieutenants (2) Clark and Noon Tyne Cot British Cemetery Plot 59 Row D Grave 46 & 47.pdf (27 August 2016 – CWGC Case No. 292)
  3. Captain Clay Warlencourt British Cemetery Plot 6 Row F Grave 34.pdf (28 December 2016 – CWGC Case No. 352)
  4. Captain Fitzherbert and Lieutenant Battersby Messines Ridge British Cemetery Plot 4 Row E Graves 38 & 39.pdf (31 December 2016 – CWGC Case No. 353)
  5. Lieutenant Eaves Warlencourt British Cemetery Plot 5 Row K Grave 20 (19 January 2017 – CWGC Case No. 365)
  6. 2nd Lieutenant Alick Aylmore Assevillers New British Cemetery Plot 9 Row D Grave 6 (20 April 2017 – CWGC Case No. 380)