Commonwealth Unknowns

For an up-to-date list of all projects that are under investigation, even if not yet in the reporting stage, please see my list on the Great War Forum (GWF):

Categories of the Unknown Project – Commonwealth Soldiers

The following is a list of reports submitted to the Commemorations Team of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Maidenhead, U.K. This list is for persons that are not Canadian, in the case of ground forces, or involve an additional person from another commonwealth country, in the case of air forces. There are many cases where one of the crew was British and the other was South African, Canadian, Australian or a New Zealander. The nationalities are specified in the reports. This list now also includes reports on mis-identifications that have been reported to the CWGC.

This list does not include the many submissions by the author to the CWGC for corrections to headstones or records that were uncovered during the research project. Those are generally submitted to CWGC Enquiries by e-mail. Significant cases are included on the list from the GWF postings.

On 21 September 2018 the case list was updated to indicate the approval status during the format review process.

On 3 December the page was updated to also list reports by other GWF/CEFSG members who submitted reports with the assistance of the LMC Great War Research Company. These now appear at the end of the list below, named for each author.

Under Review by the Ministry of Defence, Defence Business Services, Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (Phase 3):

  1. 2nd Lieutenants (2) Clark and Noon Tyne Cot British Cemetery Plot 59 Row D Grave 46 & 47  (27 August 2016, Amended 7 October 2018 – CWGC Case No. 292)

Accepted by CWGC (Phase 1) for further review by the Service Authorities (Phase 2) and/or the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (Phase 3):

  1. Lieutenant Eaves Warlencourt British Cemetery Plot 5 Row K Grave 20
    (19 January 2017 – CWGC Case No. 365) (Phase 1: 21 September 2018)
  2. Captain Clay Warlencourt British Cemetery Plot 6 Row F Grave 34.pdf
    (28 December 2016 – CWGC Case No. 352)

Reports that have been submitted to the CWGC and assigned a case number, that have not been “bumped up” to the next stage of approvals (above):

  1. Corporal BFG Jeffs RFC Douchy-Les-Asyette British Cemetery Plot 3 Row D Grave 7.pdf (11 July 2016 – CWGC Case No. 86-1)
  2. Captain Fitzherbert and Lieutenant Battersby Messines Ridge British Cemetery Plot 4 Row E Graves 38 & 39.pdf
    (31 December 2016 – CWGC Case No. 353)
  3. 2nd Lieutenant Alick Aylmore Assevillers New British Cemetery Plot 9 Row D Grave 6 (20 April 2017 – CWGC Case No. 380)
  4. 2nd Lieutenant Ernest Cole Ovillers Military Cemetery Plot 11 Row Z Grave 1
    (11 November 2017 –  CWGC Case No. 422)
  5. Captain Harris Aeroplane Cemetery Ypres Plot 6 Row E Grave 4
    (31 March 2018 – CWGC Case No. 442)
  6. Corporal Eales La Brique Military Cemetery Plot 1 Row T Grave 7
    (25 April 2018 – CWGC Case No. 448)
  7. Pte Grove and 2nd Lts Taggart and Osborne-Jones Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery 7.D.3, 7.D.4, 7.F.1 (10 May 2018 – CWGC Case No. 451)
  8. Private Harry Lewis Zantvoorde British Cemetery Plot 6 Row D Grave 8
    (14 August 2018 – CWGC Case No. 471)

Reports that have been prepared by others, with the support of the LMC Great War Project, and now submitted to the CWGC: