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John Addison Corbett Laughton 1895
John Addison Corbett  Laughton was the 2nd of three sons and two daughters, of David Laughton 1861.

John Addison was a veteran of both WWI and WWII. We have prepared a separate Web Blog on the Great War (1914-1919) exploits of Soldier Muir:

John Addison Corbet Laughton #525302

John Addison Corbett Laughton married Edith Augusta Euerby and one son, John Ivan Laughton, one of the primary family members contributing to this web based family tree.

John Ivan Laughton 1929, married to Joan
Patti Laughton 1960
Kelli Laughton 1962
Tobbi Laughton 1966

Check out the similar features on John Ivan's page relative to the WW1 image of Jack 1895 shown below.


Corporal John Addison Corbett Laughton #525302
"B" Section, 1st Field Ambulance Depot
John Ivan Laughton Collection


John Addison Corbett Laughton was the 2nd son of David Laughton.

John Addison Corbett Laughton (JAC or Jack Laughton) was living in Nelson British Columbia when he attested to the Canadian Expeditionary Force "Field Ambulance" on June 11, 1917. He joined at Military District #11 (Victoria, B.C.) to the "B" Section of the 1st Field Ambulance Depot. At that time he listed his occupation as "student, musical". He was not married and he listed is next-of-kin as his father David Laughton, also of Nelson B.C.

John Laughton was born on January 11, 1895 and reported his age as 22 years 5 months at attestation. John survived the war and passed away on February 26, 1893.

You can find the complete summary report and military service file for Corporal John Laughton on the Soldier Blog site at:

That page also provides a link to download his complete Great War Service File.

John Addison Corbett Laughton
Uncle Edward Laughton
Photo courtesy of John Ivan Laughton


John Addison Corbett Laughton was the 2nd son of David Laughton, shown here with his Uncle Edward Laughton.

John Addison Corbett Laughton
with "The Ladies"

This photograph was in the collection from John Ivan Laughton (son of John 1859) that was received and scanned in April 2009.

It was marked as "Jack" in the middle but no names were given for the ladies. Having seen a number of the other photographs during the scanning process, it would appear that the lady on the left (Jack's right) is Irene Black (daughter of Mary Ann 1863 -similar face, hands behind back) and perhaps the other is "Bert" (but perhaps too young) wife of Edward 1876. It was known that Jack and Edward had a close relationship (see above photograph).

We should also examine to see if the lady on the right (Jack's left) is one of his sisters (Jean or Grace). 

John Addison Corbett Laughton (1895 - 1983)
Photo courtesy of John Ivan Laughton
Son of David Laughton 1861 and grandson of John Laughton 1829

John Addison Corbett Laughton was three years old when father David and the family moved from Manitoba to British Columbia.

In the March 2009 package of information from his son John Ivan Laughton 1929, there was a reference letter written by Ross Fleming on August 30, 1921.  Ross was the conductor of the Nelson British Columbia Symphony, where John 1895 was a member (as a  musician not a spectator).  It appears that John Addison Corbett Laughton, back from duty in the Great War, was heading east to begin his studies that would lead to him becoming and an Optician. You can read the letter here:

1921 Letter of Reference for John Addison Corbett Laughton 1895

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