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How many building are there?

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:25 pm
by Admin

The LTS facility consists of two main sets of buildings, divided as follows:
  1. Radisic Buildings
    • Tom Radisic's House
    • Bank Barn Hay Loft
    • Quonset Hut
  2. LTS Leased Buildings
    • Private Barn
    • Main Barn
    • Bank Barn
      • Pony Barn
      • Horse Barn
      • Workshop
      • Lesson & Training Room
    • Barn A
      • Barn A Stable Area
      • Barn A Arena
      • Barn A Run-in Shed
    • Lesson Barn
    • Main Arena (Covered Dome)
There is considerable detail on the LTS components, with lots of pictures, on the LTS Farm Management Blog. I have not updated the blog with all the 2012 projects - something I will need to do before Spring 2013!