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Private Messages

#1 Post by Admin » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:14 pm

An important feature of many forums is the PM (Private Message) feature.

You can set your criteria in your USER CONTROL PANEL in the upper right corner of all pages or you can go direct with this link for BOARD PREFERENCES:


A PM actually goes faster than an e-mail but it is can only be viewed if you set your parameters correctly. You can set them so you receive a notification (to your e-mail address) or a pop-up window when you log in to the forum.

The most confusing aspect is always "I sent a PM but I did not get a response", or they tell me "I did not get your PM". When you create a PM it goes into your OUTBOX and stays there until the recipient opens the PM. That way you can always tell if it has been read, as if it has not been read it is still in your OUTBOX. If it is gone, it means the recipient opened it - not saying they read it, just opened it!

An e-mail sent by the forum is NOT AS FAST as a regular e-mail.


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