How does the forum work?

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How does the forum work?

#1 Post by Admin » Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:14 am

In this section we will tell you more about how the forum works and how you can best participate in the forum. We will include specific sections about using the BBCode, posting pictures, sending e-mails and private messages (PM), etc.

If you are having problems using a specific component of the forum, here is where you can ask for help.

To get started, look at the top right of your screen and you will see a tag labelled ?FAQ. If you click on that link you will be directed to a page that will explain all the basics of the forum and how to use specific components. You should look through these instructions for an answer to your question before you take the next step.

In that top right corner you will also see the functions for SEARCH, MEMBERS and USER CONTROL PANEL. Here you can SEARCH the board just as you would if you were using a GOOGLE, YAHOO or BING search engine. The ability to search will improve as more topics are added to the forum. Under MEMBERS you can find who else is a member, but you can not add a member or change their settings. In the USER CONTROL PANEL you can set your own options and you can change those at any time. Some options, such as changing your User Name may be excluded.

If you are new to using FORUMS, or just new to using a phpBB3 based FORUM, you can use the TEST POST section of the forum to see how it works. When you are done, you can delete your test. The Admin Team will clean out any test posts that are left behind on a regular basis so it is not cluttered. Test Posts must follow the LTS FORUM guidelines.

You will note that in some of the TOPICS there are options to start a NEW TOPIC or REPLY. In some instances you do not see that option, as those are ADMIN posts meant to provide instructions only. If you are a registered ADMINISTRATOR or MODERATOR you may have additional privileges that allow you to create new topics or post replies in those areas. For example, in this section "All About the Forum" the only area that is open to new topics from members is the TEST POSTS.

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