Welcome to the Staff Corner

Only Administrators, Moderators and Staff can see and use this area.
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Welcome to the Staff Corner

#1 Post by Admin » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:50 pm

This area is for discussion of STAFF MEMBERS related to their work at LTS. Discussions not related to staff matters should be posted in the public areas of the forum, even if from staff members. The only reason to post in this area is to ensure that regular members do not see discussions between the company, administrators, moderators and staff.

The general membership will not even see this topic area on the main menu. It will only appear to staff members that have had their profile set to "Staff Permissions" by the Administrators. Tessa will supply the name of any staff member and their e-mail address so they can be added to the "Staff Corner".

All Administrators and Moderators will see posts in this area, even if they are not staff. Tessa makes the decision as to which staff members (Full Time or Weekend) have access to the "Staff Corner".

Any questions, just ask.

The following is a list of users who have access to this area:(updated June 7, 2013)
  1. Tessa Laughton (Founder)
  2. Richard Laughton (Admin)
  3. Moderator 1
  4. Moderator 2
  5. Olga Laughton (Staff)
  6. Jessica Allen (Staff)
  7. Melissa Salazar (Staff)
  8. Jen Nielsen (Staff)
  9. Update / Insert list of staff names here ......
A number of the staff members are NOT LISTED here as of this date as I do not have an e-mail address for the staff member. Many were listed under a "shared" family e-mail address. A member with access to the "Staff Corner" must have an individual e-mail address and password.

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